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Remove your carbon footprint and preserve the rich biodiversity in our oceans and forests. Sign up to one of our monthly plans to plant trees, protect rainforest, and remove ocean plastic.

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Become carbon neutral through our standard plan and capture all your emissions today, or go further and choose an advanced plan to become climate positive.

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Permanently capture carbon, Conserve Forest Areas and Clear Ocean Plastic.

We take carbon directly out of the atmosphere through tree planting schemes around the world, while protecting Biodiversity through ocean plastic clean up and forest conservation projects operated by our trusted and verified partners.

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Change the world for the better

Restore the natural world whilst living a carbon positive life and help save the planet from the devastation of climate change

Keep track of your carbon impact on your profile

When you sign up to one of our plans you will be able to track your impact. Your carbon impact is updated every month so you can keep up to date. The total carbon we have captured on your behalf is tracked and compared with everyday metrics. This way you can easily tell if the plan you are on is right for your lifestyle. You can also easily change your plan from your profile.

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We plant trees to capture carbon and restore ecosystems

We work with our partners across 6 countries to permanently capture and store carbon from the air

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Start making a difference today and reduce your carbon footprint for less than a coffee per week!

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We don’t offset – we permanently capture and store your carbon emissions

Carbon offsetting projects reduce your footprint through “avoiding future emissions”. These kinds of projects don’t remove carbon from the atmosphere. We only ever support projects that truly remove your emissions. Read an article by one of our founders on why we capture rather than offset.

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Your questions answered

  • Where does my money go?


    We designed our subscription models to optimize for the most possible impact. That’s why our two biggest expenses are funding planet-saving projects (65%) and spreading the word to work towards collective action (20%). While every individual taking action makes a difference, in order to shift the tide for the global problems we tackle, it takes collective action.

    Most of your subscription fee goes directly to our planet saving projects including tree planting to remove atmospheric emissions, protecting pristine biodiverse rainforest to preserve the planet’s biodiversity, and removing plastic from the oceans to restore those natural ecosystems. What’s left over we use to cover our overhead and make sure we can continue to run Reduce My Footprint and expand our collective planet-saving impact.

  • What is carbon capture?

    Carbon capture is the idea of compensating for your personal emissions by supporting projects that permanently capture and store equivalent amounts of greenhouse gases. This cancels out your negative impact on the earth’s climate.

  • How do we capture your carbon?

    We work with our world-renowned partners to capture and store carbon. Trees are natures way of capturing and storing carbon. Our key partner is Eden reforestation projects, the leading reforestation charity in the world. We partner with them to plant trees that absorb carbon from the atmosphere and store it in their trunks and soil. We calculate the climate impact of each tree that we plant and use this to capture your emissions.

  • Can planting trees really stop climate change?

    Yes! It’s actually that simple. Trees are nature’s way of capturing and permanently storing CO2 from the air. For example, some of the trees planted through the projects we support are Mangrove trees. These trees have an incredible ability to sequester CO2. They capture and store up to 300kg CO2 in 25 years. We plant trees on your behalf every month, which means every month you will have more trees actively working to capture and store carbon dioxide on your behalf. We plant a diverse range of species as part of a subscription to ensure the optimum for the native ecosystem.

    We need to have solved the climate crisis by 2050. That’s 30 years from now. By planting trees now that absorb CO2, your impact will contribute to solving the problem. We commit to ensuring that all trees planted will have made their impact by 2050, just when it is needed most. As we move closer to 2050 we’ll need to plant more trees per month to meet the committment of your subscription.

  • Why isn’t everybody doing this?

    Lack of awareness – so spread the word and together we can affordably prevent climate change.

    The current global market for carbon offseting focuses on financing projects that avoid emissions through dubious means. We need to capture and store carbon rather than temporarily ‘avoid’ emitting carbon and calling it carbon offsetting. So let’s plant trees and protect the planet!

  • How do you calculate my carbon footprint?

    We use detailed and up to date emissions data from the World Bank to determine average CO2 emissions in your country. So you can be sure even our smallest plan (net-zero) captures the average persons emissions in your country. If you think you have above average emissions you should choose one of our larger plans to be sure you are capturing your emissions.

  • Will my footprint be reduced permanently?

    Yes. We work with our partners to guarantee that all trees planted will remain forever. Partnerships with local governments ensure the land the trees are planted on is protected in perpetuity.

  • Who’s checking to see my trees are being planted?

    This is another core aspect of a responsible reforestation project. At least once a year the project planting sites are visited by a third party to audit the reported number of healthy trees are growing.

    We only work with the most trusted institutions with a long history of delivering on their word. Our key partner, Eden Reforestation Projects, is a world leading reforestation charity. They have planted more than 330,000,000 trees across 6 countries. Eden is the trusted partner of renowned climate conscious companies, such as Ecosia.

    Eden Reforestation has a brilliant track record of meeting the reported numbers of trees. Please contact them if you want to see copies of these reports. Below is a video produced by Eden describing how they monitor and verify tree planting.


  • Does this mean I can fly as much as I want?

    We capture average emissions. If you fly more or think you are responsible for more emissions than average then you should sign up to one of our larger plans to ensure you are capturing all of your emissions. Our goal is for everyone to be able to live fulfilling lives and be able to see loved ones no matter where in the world they are, whilst taking responsibility for their climate impact. Just don’t go digging up your backyard for coal!

  • Does carbon capture actually make a difference?

    Yes. The most important thing you can do right now is capture your carbon emissions. The world is moving in the right direction, renewable energy technologies are now cheaper than fossil fuels. The problem is the switch from fossil fuels to renewables is not happening fast enough. According to IPCC projections carbon emissions will exceed humanities carbon budget before we eliminate emissions. We must counter this by capturing carbon to counteract excess emissions. By signing up to Reduce My Footprint you can begin to plug this gap today.

  • Can this stop climate change?

    Stopping climate change will require us to decarbonise the world, but this is not happening fast enough. Every IPCC climate change scenario that does not lead to catastrophic impacts on humanity requires carbon capture as a crucial part of the solution. Signing up to Reduce My Footprint will help the world meet this target.

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