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How we make your employees climate positive

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We capture your employees emissions

We capture all your employees’ private and professional emissions creating an attractive perk for your employees, setting you apart from the competition

Plant trees & change the world

We plant trees through our trusted partners to remove your employees’ carbon footprint and simultaneously create vibrant new ecosystems

How we reduce your business’ carbon footprint

We work with our partners to guarantee that any carbon capture projects we participate in store carbon dioxide forever

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Start making a difference today reduce your carbon footprint for less than the price of your weekly coffee budget!

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We only offset your carbon footprint by investing in carbon capture projects that actually remove carbon from the atmosphere

Many other carbon offsetting projects tend to “avoid future emissions”. These kinds of projects don’t remove carbon from the atmosphere. We only ever support projects that truly remove your emissions


Carbon offsetting is needed to prevent dire consequences for our planet,

IPCC predicts catastrophic effects from climate change unless we offset our emissions. Rising sea levels will drown entire cities and countries. Extreme weather events will cause devastating physical and economic damage to countries around the world. Less developed countries will be most affected. Learn more about why carbon offsetting has to be part of the solution.


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  • What is carbon offsetting?

    Carbon offsetting is the idea of compensating for your personal emissions by supporting projects that permanently capture and store equivalent amounts of greenhouse gases. This cancels out your impact on the earths climate.

  • How do we offset your carbon footprint?

    We work with our world-renowned partners to capture and store carbon. Trees are natures way of offsetting carbon. Our key partner is Eden reforestation projects, the leading reforestation charity in the world. We partner with them to plant trees that absorb carbon from the atmosphere and store it in their trunks and soil. We calculate the climate impact of each tree that we plant and use this to offset your business’ emissions.

  • How do you calculate our carbon footprint?

    We use detailed and up to date emissions data from the World Bank to determine average CO2 emissions per person in your country. So you can be sure even our smallest plan offsets the average employee’s emissions in your country. If you think your employees live emissions intensive lives, you should choose one of our larger plans for them to be sure you are offsetting your emissions. If you operate in an emissions heavy sector such as manufacturing, aviation or road transport you should get in touch and would be happy to create a bespoke plan for you.

  • Will my businesses footprint be reduced permanently?

    Yes. We work with our partners to guarantee that all trees planted will remain forever. Partnerships with local governments ensure the land the trees are planted on is protected in perpetuity.

  • How can I be sure my business’ footprint is being reduced?

    We only work with the most trusted institutions with a long history of delivering on their word. Our key partner, Eden Reforestation Projects, is the world leading reforestation charity. They have planted more than 330,000,000 trees across 6 countries. Eden is the trusted partner of renowned climate conscious companies, such as Ecosia.

  • Can I send my employees on as many business trips as I want?

    We offset your employees average emissions. If they fly more or think they are responsible for more emissions than average then you should sign up to one of our larger plans to ensure you are offsetting all of their emissions. It’s important to be able to have face to face meetings when necessary, signing up to Reduce My Footprint means you can do this whilst taking responsibility for the climate impact. Just don’t go starting a coal mining company!

  • Does carbon offsetting actually make a difference?

    Yes. The most important thing you can do right now is offset your emissions. The world is moving in the right direction, renewable energy technologies are now cheaper than fossil fuels. The problem is the switch from fossil fuels to renewables is not happening fast enough. According to IPCC projections carbon emissions will exceed humanities carbon budget before we eliminate emissions. We must counter this by capturing carbon to counteract excess emissions. By signing up to reduce my footprint you can begin to plug this gap today.

  • Can this stop climate change?

    Stopping climate change will require us to decarbonise the world, but this is not happening fast enough. Every IPCC climate change scenario that does not lead to catastrophic impacts on humanity requires carbon offsetting as a crucial part of the solution. Signing up to Reduce My Footprint will help the world meet this target.

  • Does this offset the emissions from my business operations?

    For the vast majority of businesses, offsetting your employees’ private and professional emissions will more than outweigh any operational emissions. However, if you are in an emissions heavy industry, then you can get in touch and we will make a custom plan for you.

  • How does your business model work?

    We do not make a profit. For every subscripton 90% of revenue either goes toward financing the planting of your trees that will capture and store your carbon emissions, or is reinvested in spreading the word. What’s left over we have to use to cover our running costs to make sure we can continue operating. Our first priority is to ensure that your money makes the most impact possible. This is why we operate with the smallest feasible team and have eliminated any non-essential spending, meaning we are able to offer low subsription fees whilst not compromising on impact. We are doing this because tackling climate change requires large scale collective action. You can read more about why carbon offsetting is essential to the future of the planet here